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Digital Chef develops interactive and enriched 3D food content and AR/VR applications for, among others: e-commerce, presentations, promotions, e-learning and product development.

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Make more impact with 3D

Our idea is that you can gain a lot with 3D food. Time and quality, for example. And of course, you can win from your competitor. 

Discover the unlimited possibilities of 3D and AR/VR in food.



Our 3D food content is suitable for e-commerce, presentations, e-learning, packaging and  product development.


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3D food for marketing, sales and NPD


Increase conversion and/or present your products in a 3D catalog with all our 3D food content. Compatible with all known systems.

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Let your employees and students learn through a unique online experience. High quality e-learning content that is easy to adjust to the target audience. A must-have for practical education.

Product development 

Make it the way you want it. Combine 3D food, packaging & design with our interactive 3D configurator.  Personalize and create (new) products or concepts in realtime. Fully customized for your client. Develop, investigate and sell new products in a cost-effective manner.


Create very fast, and as often as you want amazing presentations with our 3D assets (models). By using 3D assets instead of content, you have access to all individual parts of your product. The individual 3D parts provide a lot of convenience, and it is a much more efficient way in creating (new) marketing content.

Creating value quickly 

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Do you want to convince yourself and your team of the possibilities of 3D, AR and VR in food? We help you to kickstart a pilot project in just one week. You can implement the demo in any of your existing assets.

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Experience the possibilities of 3D, AR and VR with our personalized demo in just 30 minutes. 

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