3D Food, our expertise

Digital Chef is the leading expert in 3D modelling and rendering for the European food industry. With our unique and fully integrated Digital Food Factory we are able to create 3D models with the highest quality standards. We do all this in a fast and (cost) efficient way.

Computer Generated Food

3D models have been the standard in non-food for years. Why? 3D is endlessly reusable and therefore easy and efficient to use and is cost-effective.

Digital 3D models only need to be created once. After that, they can always be reused for various digital applications.

All our digital 3D models are of high quality. They feature:

- Geometry (shape, size, 1-to-1 dimensions)

- Colors (color, light transmission, reflections)

- Textures (surfaces, roughness)



Digital Food Factory

The making of these digital 3D models is done entirely in-house with our Digital Food Factory.

By means of an efficient process we can make any desired 3D (food) model. We are constantly working on these models in order to have largest collection in the world.



3D Database

More than 2,500 CGFs are now available for your digital applications.

Is your specific product not available within our 3D database? No problem, we also make custom 3D models, so that you can start with a digital approach.


Discover the digital possibilities for your product