3D-models for food, packaging and machines

Digital Chef is the leading expert in 3D modelling and rendering of food products for the European food industry. With our unique and fully integrated Digital Food Factory we are able to create 3D models with the highest quality standards. We do this in a fast and (cost) efficient way.

Not familiar with computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) ?
Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) is the creation of stationary or animated visual content with computer software to 3D. CGI is used to create 3D computer graphics that can be used for photography, 3D viewers, packshots and animation. The technology can also be used for Virtual and Augmented reality. An approach that is (cost) efficient compared to photography.

The 3D digital approach of the food industry

In a time when the demands of the customers are becoming increasingly complex and working with colleagues and customers around the world is the standard, it is important to expand new digital (working) methods.

Digital 3D (non) food, packaging and machines can be used in any department of the company. From research to development, marketing and sales to supply chain. We meet every possible need. Whether it concerns the development of a new product that actually does not exist yet, the development of unique communication in 3D for sales & marketing or making packshots ... Everything is possible with 3D models! 3D models support the food industry in working even faster and more efficiently than before. With lower costs and a very short payback period.

With the digital 3D approach we are able to develop food, packaging and machines before they exist. Developers use 3D models in an early stadium to discuss the concept of the whole product with customers. Important discussions about format, colors, artwork and packaging can be carried out digitally. With the aim to reduce failure costs and the number of expensive and complex line tests.


Introduce your first ideas & concepts in a realistic form, before they are even developed. The combination of a 3D product and package can be used for market research, concept development and sales discussions. With this one can test initial responses at an early stage and make adjustments, when necessary, without making excessive costs. A digital 3D approach for product and package is extremely suitable for applications in PIM systems, digital trade shows, E-commerce and packshots.

Supply chain
A 3D product and package is the visual end result of each product specification. From day 1, all stakeholders within the chain, are shown a fully dimensionally stable 3D product. For the non-experts within the supply chain, the 3D visualisations provide a clear addition to product specifications. Corrections and errors are identified and adjusted at an early stage within the process.