Digitization in education

Education is increasingly dealing with digitization and the way in which lessons are given. There are also more and more innovative ways to provide good education through e-learning. Courses, workshops and lessons are supplemented with interactive content that allows pupils, students and employees to absorb the content faster and more effectively.


Digital learning modules from Digital Chef for MBO, HBO and business education are perfectly in line with "the new learning". Nowadays it is not self-evident for students to be able to visit a production environment, because they are too young or because of the increasingly strict requirements regarding food safety. With the digital 3D approach, practical training can still be provided remotely in a very realistic way.

zone college dashboard

Digital Training & courses in 3D 

By allowing students and employees to work with digital 3D models, knowledge can be transferred in a dynamic, fast and more effective way. The digital 3D models give a representation of reality and is available at any time. It also ties in seamlessly with lifelong education and development.

3D e-learning platform  

All interactive 3D models are hosted from the Digital Chef e-learning platform. A link can be made with the electronic learning environment (ELO) of educational institutions. With this, teachers and trainers can easily link important learning material with each other, such as texts, images and videos. 3D models can also be provided with bullet points with extra specific information, making it even more interactive.

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