Realtime promotions

Affecting consumers to buy takes more and more place in an increasingly dynamic field. They are influenced on every corner of the street through promotions. Therefore, retailers and catering formulas will increasingly invest in dynamic promotions. To be able to service consumers 24/7.

Realtime dynamic digital promotions

To be able to develop real-time promotions, more and more use is made of 3D assets (models). These 3D assets are a very important basis for a well-functioning communication that can be adjusted in real time. 3D assets models can be applied indefinitely.

By using 3D assest instead of content, you have control over all the individual parts of the model.

The separate 3D parts provide a lot of convenience for the user. Furthermore, one can create marketing content in a very efficient way.


Menu engineering & foodstyling

A lot of time and attention is required for menu engineering and food styling from different disciplines. A 3D portfolio, from food product to (non) food products, makes the organization of menu engineering and food styling much more easier. 3D models are the basis for real-time promotions: the desired content can be created at any time.


Marketing content can be made in real time from separate 3D assets. They can be used for several types of content, such as social posts, banners, advertisements, DMs and e-DMs.

Assets 3D modellen

The parts used for dynamic digital promotions from which content is built. 3D assets are separate elements that can be applied and used in 2D photography, 3D animations, 3D viewers / configurators, motion graphics or even for videos.


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