3D Food, our expertise

Digital Chef is leading expert in interactive 3D Foodmodels (CGF's) for the Food industry.

The biggest 3D collection in Food

At this moment we have more then 2.500 CGF's directly available in our 3D database. 

With our unique and fully integrated Digital Food Factory we are capable of making 3D in the highest possible quality available. All this we do in the most efficient way.

Discover 3D Food

Speed up the time-to-market

Develop, investigate, pitch and sell your new products in a highly cost-efficient manner.

By creating 3D visuals of your products, packaging or design, you can make real-time adjustments to your concepts before spending anything on production.

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Improve the experience

Create mind-blowing visual food content to improve your customer experience. Digital Chef’s 3D models bring your products to life in a way that you didn’t even know was possible.

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Real-time training & education

Let your employees and students enrich their knowledge through experience.

Integrate our 3D learning modules into your organisationto achieve the next level of E-learning.

Accurate information available, anywhere anytime

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